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Building in Consejo Shores                                                                                                                                                               Updated June 20, 2023   

Documents Required Prior to Construction

Residential and commercial development in Belize is regulated by the Central Building Authority (CBA) by means of a building permit process. Consejo Shores has Protective Covenants as well regarding some conditions of development within the Relevant Developed Area of the community. The two entities are mutually supportive of this process, and building permits should only be issued by CBA after receipt of a "No Objection" letter from Consejo Shores Ltd. (CSL).
Sample of No Objection Letter


Consejo Shores is a private, planned community. The Protective Covenants and all attached documents are designed to maintain and enhance the quality, value and integrity of our community. Unlike most communities in Belize, all parks and roads within Consejo Shores are private for the use of Consejo Shores property owners and their guests. 


Current forms required to be completed by the property owner/contractor are available below. These should be submitted to CSL, along with your architectural building plans. Plans must include a combination of all square footage "under roof" which includes garages, porches and guest units. (Guest units are approved by CBA for residential use only. In addition, if you are a QRP resident, the Belize Tourism Board clearly states that:  Qualified Retired Persons shall not be engaged in gainful employment or have an investment that generates income in Belize. See QRP Application Form #8.B.)

CBA has also requested inclusion of construction of carports, pools, fences and piers, if applicable. The 10 (ten) foot building setbacks are mandatory on each parcel. If you own adjoining parcels and wish to encroach on the 10' foot setback area for building purposes, the parcels will have to be merged into one parcel prior to submission of architectural plans.


Water supply is the property owner's responsibility. All property owners should include rainwater harvesting cisterns/water containment systems in their construction plans. Drilling of individual wells, as an auxiliary source of water, is also an option. 


Signed and dated documents  required along with submission of the architectural drawing for review by CSL are:
Consejo Shores Protective Covenants 


CSL Procedures for Building Construction  


After CSL's review and acceptance of the architectural drawings and receipt of the above, the owner will need to meet with Consejo Parks and Roads Trust Ltd. (CSPRTL) for signed approval of the following documents, and payment of all applicable fees.


CSPRTL Annual Fee Form 


CSPRTL Road Heavy Use Fee Form 


Upon completion of the above, the owner(s) will have to re-submit all signed documents to CSL with copies of paid receipts of applicable fees prior to issuance of CSL's "No Objection" letter which is required by CBA for the building permit within the current Relevant Developed Area of Consejo Shores.

The related documents below must be signed as “Read and Acknowledged”.  

CSPRTL Parks and Roads Use Guidelines
Relevant Developed Area Map

We have tried to simplify this process but all documents are mandatory. If you have any questions, please contact Consejo Shores Parks and Roads Trust by email at or Consejo Shores Ltd. at

Consejo Shores Ltd.    #4 Wavesongs Lane,    Consejo Shores,    Corozal,    Belize    (011) 501-423-1005   
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