Accommodations - Lodging - Rentals

For rental of homes, guest units, or condos within Consejo Shores, see, and Playa del Consejo. 

For short-term lodging, Serenity Sands Bed & Breakfast, and Smuggler's Den are nearby; in Corozal Town, there are several hotels, guesthouses, rooms, and houses for rent, visit Corozal Living Facebook Group.



Please see section on “Corozal Town


Boat Launching

There is a boat launching ramp and concrete dock available for use at the south-east corner of Consejo Village very close to the north corner of Consejo Shores. Future plans are in the works for a community boat ramp within Consejo Shores on Parcel # 981.


Building Contractors

There are several, reputable, local building contractors available. Our residents are the best sources for references; they have first-hand knowledge.



The rainfall at Consejo Shores averages 49 inches per year, the lowest rainfall in Belize. Normal daytime temperature is 75° F to 85° F, with the dry season normally being from December to June. Seawater temperatures range from 75 – 84 ˚F. 


Community Size 

Consejo Shores consists of 350 acres with 7,000 feet of coastline. Presently, there are over 145+ homes. Most residents are full-time, but others come to enjoy the pleasant Belize winters. 


Disposal via Burning

There is no burning"allowed on any property located within the Consejo Shores sub-division, including properties outside of the Relevant Developed Area. No trash, garden debris or clearing residue may be burned on any property, unless previous safety precautions have been discussed with CSL, put into place and monitored carefully. All other debris can be collected by the garbage collector or brought to the City dump on Consejo/Corozal Road. 


Golf Course

The Consejo Shores 9-hole course is available to all property owners and their guests by membership or payment of a minimal daily usage "Green's Fee". The golf course is maintained by a group of volunteers known as FOG. Please check their Facebook page - Friends of Golf for more information.  A map of the course is available here.



FedEx service is available via Tropic Air. A terminal is located at Corozal airport - 011-501-422-0248 . Please address all envelopes to:

Name of company or individual

c/o FedEx Office - Corozal Airport 

Corozal Town, Corozal District

Central America


Frequently Asked Questions  


Handicap Accessibility

Belize does NOT conform to the handicap accessibility requirements of North America. Ease of mobility can be challenging, beginning with your arrival at the International airport in Belize City (steps exiting the plane, no ramps). Most store aisles are narrow/obstructed, sidewalks uneven, street curbs high/irregular. If handicap modifications are a must to provide for your independence, convenience, and safety, you will find it challenging to accommodate your needs. 


Household Services

House cleaning, lawn maintenance, and property management services are all available locally. Labour costs are approx. $50.BZ per day. Referrals are available from residents in the community.


Infrastructure Utilities

The price of lots purchased directly from Consejo Shores Ltd. within the “Outlined Relevant Developed Area”, include the cost of high voltage electrical construction to the meter house. Low voltage electrical wiring, from the meter house to the individual property line and from the property line to owners buildings/construction, is the responsibility of the property owner. Property owners are responsible for their own water supply. Rainwater cisterns with a supplemental well for landscaping can provide for all of your water usage needs.


Land Taxes

Land taxes are due every April 1st for the following 12 months. Tax bills are not sent to you. It is the responsibility of the landowners to ascertain their taxes assessed and to pay them on time. Typical annual taxes for residential lots, with or without homes, are approximately US$25-$50; interest is charged on late payments. A land tax office is located on 5th Street South, Corozal.

Phone: 402-2126.


Medical and Dental Care

The residents of Consejo Shores have access to several doctors practicing in Corozal, plus medical care at the Government hospital in Corozal. (We like Five Rivers Medical Clinic.) There are laboratories in town which can do blood tests, EKGs, etc. In addition, Chetumal, Mexico, just across the border, offers excellent medical facilities. In Belize City, there are two private medical facilities and hospitals, Belize Healthcare Partners and Belize Medical Associates;  Northern Medical Specialty Plaza is located in Orange Walk. All provide excellent service with well-trained staffs and up-to-date facilities.


Parks and Roads Maintenance Fees

Unlike most communities in Belize, all parks and roads within Consejo Shores are private for the use of Consejo Shores property owners and their guests. For the calendar year of 2022, the annual parks and roads maintenance fee for single-family residential lots is $300.BZ. Please provide all current contact information and the annual maintenance fee payment to Consejo Shores Park and Roads Trust Ltd.



Pets are welcome. However, when not on the owner’s property, dogs must be on a leash. There are two veterinarians in Corozal Town. Domestic pets will be allowed to enter the country but you need to check with BAHA for an import permit.


Post Office

The Post Office is located in Corozal on the west side of 5th Ave. The post office, (402-2462) like most businesses in town, is closed from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. FedEx service is available via Tropic Air. A terminal is located at Corozal airport. 


Property Maintenance

To help maintain the integrity of our neighbourhood, property owners are required to keep their parcels maintained. CSL maintains a "burn pile" for use by Consejo Shores property owners for disposal of routine garden/yard debris (not parcel clearing). The usage fee is $50.BZ per 6 months; an access key can be obtained at the CSL office.


Purchase Package Agreements

The Consejo Shores Protective Covenants and all attached documents are designed to maintain and enhance the quality/value of our community. 



During the building stage of your house, you may want to be nearby to “keep an eye on things”. There are usually several houses or guest unit rentals available within Consejo Shores; check out, and Playa del Consejo. For short-term, Serenity Sands Bed & Breakfast, and Smuggler's Den are nearby; in Corozal Town, there are several hotels, guesthouses, rooms, and houses for rent; visit Corozal Living Facebook Group.


Resources is the official website for the people, culture, Mayan archaeology, attractions, schools, and other things in the Corozal District of Belize.  Corozal Living Facebook Group is a useful site to share info, pose questions, and find resources that you and your neighbours might find interesting about the area.



If you would like to purchase items online and have them shipped here from the U.S., Marage Shipping and Trucking Service delivers items to the Consejo Shores community on a monthly basis.



Corozal Town has many small grocery stores, inexpensive local restaurants, little shops and two gas stations. Fresh fruits and vegetables are available at the outdoor market and from local vendors. There are no malls, movie theatres, Wal-Marts, fast food places or other trappings that you would look for in a developed area. However, all of these can be found in Chetumal, Mexico, located just a short boat ride away.



Most of the sea frontage in Consejo Shores has a sandy bottom with very few stony areas. The water is shallow and shelves out gradually. There are three seafront parks. Pelican Cove and Sunrise Parks have steps and a handrail down into the water. There is a palapa with table and benches, and a sweet old-fashioned swing to pass away the time.



Corozal Town has an airport that provides frequent daily scheduled flights to all areas of Belize. There is a daily water taxi to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, and, a bus terminal for convenient access to many destinations in Belize and Mexico, including the Mayan Riviera, such as Playa Del Carmen, Cancun, and Merida, as well as taxis for local transportation. For more on transportation options within Belize and International Airline options, click here.



  • Butane Gas - Most water heaters and stoves use butane gas, which is delivered to Consejo Shores regularly by several companies.

  • Electric - Electrical service is provided by Belize Electricity Ltd. (BEL).

  • Household Garbage/Yard Waste - The Corozal waste management company serves Consejo Shores once a week; cost is $25.BZ per month. 

  • Internet - High-speed DSL internet service is available through Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL). Satellite internet service is also available through several companies.

  • Telephone - BTL provides various services, such as basic telephone, cell phone, and high-speed internet. Another provider is Smart.

  • Water - Water supply is the property owner's responsibility. All property owners should include cisterns/water containment systems in their construction plans. Drilling of individual wells, as an auxiliary source of water, is also an option.

Consejo Shores Ltd.    #4 Wavesongs Lane,    Consejo Shores,    Corozal,    Belize    (011) 501-423-1005