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Corozal Town across the Bay, Corozal, Belize, Consejo Shores Ltd. - Real Estate Sales and Development

Corozal Town, Belize 

The nearest town to Consejo Shores is Corozal Town, situated alongside beautiful Corozal Bay. Corozal is located seven miles south of Consejo Shores, nine miles from the Mexican border and Chetumal, capital of Mexico's Quintana Roo and 85 miles north of Belize City. It has a population of around 10,000 and a growing expat community.


One of the hallmarks of Corozal Town is the Clock Tower, located in Central Park. Government buildings, banks, a library, a small police station, and two churches surround this well-landscaped park. The park is also a favourite meeting and gathering place for the towns' people. There are shady spots and benches for resting, and there are food stands where you can get tacos and even fresh squeezed orange juice.


Two of Belize's banks,  Belize Bank and Atlantic Bank, have branches in Corozal Town. The town has a Rotary Club and a few other local organizations of interest to foreign residents. Monthly events are posted on


In Corozal, everything is close to the sea, including several seaside parks, the market, and Corozal's Museum of Belize and House of Culture.  A long and well-maintained stretch of beach, linked to Central Park, provides picnic tables, rain shelters, and a playground.


Like everywhere else in Belize, the multi-national blend is evident everywhere: Mestizo, Mayan, Creole, Garifuna, East Indian, Mennonite, Asian, and a variety of Expats -  all call this tranquil, seaside-community home.


Map of Corozal Town, Belize
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