Consejo Shores, Corozal, Belize
Relaxing on the pier - Consejo Shores, Corozal, Belize
Golfing in Consejo Shores
Dawn on Corozal Bay, Consejo Shores
Morning in Consejo Shores
Sunrise Park - Consejo Shores, Belize

Consejo Shores Ltd.  

Whether purchasing a home-site or home, our on-site office 

provides clients with thorough, professional, real estate services from start to finish.

Please feel free to contact us or stop by on your next visit to Belize.

Consejo Shores Ltd.    #4 Wavesongs Lane,    Consejo Shores,  Corozal,  Belize    (011) 501-423-1005   
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   Consejo Shores Ltd.  2019

Golfing in Consejo Shores

Consejo Shores has one of the two golf courses located in Belize. Our 9 hole course hosts an annual golf tournament every February.